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He turned our nightmare into a dream come true.
– Jessica Purvis

The Problem

Rien and Jessica moved from Portland, OR, to Foley, AL, to restart their business from scratch. Their previous myotherapy massage business was well-established at 20 years old. It took them three years to become stable and self-sufficient. The possibility of spending three years rebuilding their lives was daunting. After leaving everything, they questioned if they had made the wrong decision.

Unclear messaging

No online presents

No marketing plan

No lead generating tools

Our Solution

When Rien and Jessica reached out to me for a logo refresh, they only wanted a text change. However, after reviewing their situation and current site, they clearly needed a complete rebrand. One of the primary reasons their previous business took so long to establish was the need for an online presence. We refreshed their logo, developed a brand, and created their first marketing strategy.

Brand Scripting

We used Brand Scripting to formulate their brand language and wireframed their site to optimize leads. We first declared the problem their clients were facing, how BCMM provides solutions to those problems, and the rewarding result of doing business with them. This clear message resonated with potential clients and intern-generated customer engagement.

New Logo

The logo was too visually complicated, so we simplified the glyph and abbreviated the name. The new logo is now easier to read, recognize and reproduce on any media.

Process Automation

Originally, all patient appointments were scheduled over the phone, even on holidays. We set up an automated online portal for onboarding patients. This one step freed up more time for billable client appointments and got their weekends and holidays back. Patients could also pay through the online portal, decreasing the hassle of receiving payments.


With all these steps applied, BCMM broke even in the first month and became profitable in three. Not only did we increase the bottom line, but we also gave them their weekends back by automating repetitive tasks.

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Better customer Service

Easier lead generation

Increased revenue

Established super fast

“Dream come true!”

– Jessica Purvis

"We were questioning every reason for moving to Alabama. Our old business model wasn't working, and we couldn't attract customers. My husband picked up a side job to cover the monthly expenses, and we settled in for a hard couple of years. Isaac coached us through the process of modernizing our business model. Rien and I were amazed at how fast Isaac established our brand and generated enough organic revenue so Rien could quit his side job in four months. He genuinely cared and wanted us to succeed. We are working on future steps to scale the business beyond what we originally had in Portland. He turned our nightmare into a dream come true. Give him a call today. You will be glad you did."

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